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I began my career in 2000 as a part of Cognizant developing web applications for their global customers in the US. In the early 2000s,our customers were in the start of their journey to embrace the web and most of my work was around enabling them move from their legacy platforms to enterprise web-based systems. This included developing enterprise web content systems, integrating it with various underlying security systems, etc. As these were global customers, I had the opportunity to work with them not just in India but also in countries like Japan and China.

In addition to implementing the latest technologies, I also helped our customers in their process transformation journey in order to ensure that they derive the full benefits of the transformation programs. I helped to set up the “Cognizant Unified Process” for one of our customers which enabled them to establish a unified delivery model across their global delivery teams. In recognition of this effort, I was awarded the ‘Associate of the Year’ award.

In 2016, I joined Likeminds Consulting as a global project manager focused on implementing Identity Management solutions for US customers such as City of Boston, Zebra Technologies, Regeneron and McGrath Rent Corp.

After working in various roles in the software development lifecycle, I decided to focus exclusively on becoming a full stack developer. With this goal in mind, I joined Lambda School to augment my experience in software development with the latest updates in technology. In the past few months, I have developed several applications (listed below) leveraging the latest technologies. I welcome you to take a look at them.


•  I was one of the key members of 'How's the water' team, who took lead in designing the UX for the application. I was quick to learn AWS-Amplify and AWS-Cognito and implement the same thereby saving time on implementing an elaborate authentication mechanism from scratch.

•  I was awarded 'Associate of the year' award by Cognizant, for my contributions towards identifying and developing an unique process model.

•  I was quick in understanding difficult technologies in 3M and built that knowledge within the team, helping, deliver quality products going over and above client's expectations.

•  I devised a 'Status reporting' template and mechanism to track a complex project while working in LikeMinds for CoB (City of Boston). This process was subsquently rolled out to other projects as well.

Gayathri Receiving Associate of the year Award

My Skill set

Front-End Development

Back-End Development

UX/UI Design

Requirements Gathering

Project Management

Agile Methodologies

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SQLite, Postgres

NoSQL, MongoDB

AWS-Amplify, AWS-Cognito

GraphQL, RESTAPIs, Postman

Figma, Whimsical

Git, Github